Doktoral (S3)

S3 Environmental Science

Hasanuddin University Postgraduate School has fostered and developed 14 (fourteen) study programs, 12 of which are master programs and 2 […]

S3 Development Studies

Hasanuddin University Postgraduate School has fostered and developed 14 (fourteen) study programs, 12 of which are master programs and 2 […]

S3 Agricultural Science

The realization of sustainable agriculture is a challenge in the industrial revolution 4.0. On the one hand, Indonesian agriculture must side […]

Magister (S2)

S2 Master Of Integrated Coastal Resource Management

Hasanuddin University’s Integrated Coastal Resource Management Study Program (PS S2 PSPT) was formed through the Decree of the Directorate General […]

S2 Master Of Disaster Management

Based on the Decree of the Chancellor of Hasanuddin University Number 5219/UN4.1/KEP/2021, Hasanuddin University was permitted to hold a Masters […]

S2 Infrastructure Planning Engineering

INTRODUCTION Provision of infrastructure and facilities in a sector / region is very important, especially in supporting the development of […]

S2 Urban Management

World Bank predicted that at the end of the 21st Century residents who will live in urban areas are estimated […]

S2 Agribusiness

Accredited A The Master study program of Agribusiness was officially opened in 1993 based on the Decree of the Directorate […]

S2 Master Of Environmental Management

ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT STUDY PROGRAM Concentration: VISION “Become a national leading master’s study program in developing management people and environmental science […]

S2 Regional Development Planning

Concentration: Regional Planning and Development Planning Management Youth Leadership Management (SCHOLARSHIP FROM KEMENPORA) Regional Autonomy Specialization VISION To become a […]

S2 Transportation Engineering

INTRODUCTION Transportation plays an important role in global development, especially in supporting community activities. The development of transportation is increasingly […]

S2 Midwifery

MIDWIFERY STUDY PROGRAM Background Based on the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education, Republic […]

S2 Gender and Development

INTRODUCTION The Gender and Development Study Program of the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University is the only Gender Study Program […]

S2 Biomedical Sciences

BIOMEDICAL STUDY PROGRAM Concentration: VISION Becoming a study program at the forefront of biomedical education and research towards the realization […]

S2 Agricultural System

AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS STUDY PROGRAM ‘A’ accredited The decline in the quality and quantity of natural resources is one of the […]