Head of Integrated Coastal Resource Management Masters Study Program

Hasanuddin University’s Integrated Coastal Resource Management Study Program (PS S2 PSPT) was formed through the Decree of the Directorate General of Higher Education No: 310/E/O/2014. Based on this decree, PS S2 PSPT began accepting new students for the 2014/2015 academic year.

In 2019, an evaluation of the implementation of the PSS2 PSPT 2014 curriculum was carried out through a curriculum workshop. The fundamental change from the 2014 to 2019 curriculum is the measurement of graduates, which in the 2014 curriculum is competency based while the 2019 curriculum is based on learning outcomes (CPL). The results of the workshop formulated 10 CPL PS S2 PSPT as follows:

Able to show religious attitude, and uphold human values ​​in carrying out duties (S1)

Able to work together and have social sensitivity and concern for society and the environment and show a responsible attitude towards work in their field of expertise independently (S2)

Able to master and develop knowledge about the typology and dynamics of coastal and marine ecosystems (P1)

Able to analyze and develop knowledge about optimizing the utilization and conservation of coastal and marine resources based on spatial (P2)

Able to master and develop knowledge of laws, policies and institutional management of coastal and marine areas, valuation of coastal and marine ecosystem services, and control of water pollution (P3)

Able to manage and develop research and communicate research results to the scientific community and the general public (KU1)

Able to write scientific publications from research results (KU 2)

Able to design, plan and implement integrated coastal resource management (KK 1)

Able to solve coastal resource management problems by utilizing other fields of knowledge and paying attention to environmental and economic factors (KK 2)

Able to collect, process, analyze and interpret biophysical, socio-cultural, legal, institutional resources and coastal environmental data (KK 3)


“To become the leading integrated coastal resource management master’s education institution in Indonesia in 2025.” This vision is in line with the vision of Unhas, namely the Center of Excellence in the Development of Humans, Science, Technology, Arts and Culture Based on the Indonesian Maritime Continent”

To achieve this vision, the PSPT Masters Study Program formulates the following missions:

Organizing master education in Integrated Coastal Resource Management

Carry out research and community service in the field of Integrated Coastal Resource Management

Establish mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of integrated coastal resource management

The Objectives of the PSPT Masters Study Program

Producing strata master graduates who are able to manage coastal resources in an integrated manner

Producing adaptive science and technology that can solve the problems of coastal communities

Realizing mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of coastal resource management

Based on the Vision, Mission and Objectives described earlier, the targets of the PSPT Masters Study Program to produce graduates are:

Able to plan and develop coastal resource management in an integrated manner

Able to carry out and control the management of coastal resources in an integrated manner

Able to formulate the concept of integrated management of coastal resources

Doing work/projects in a structural way with standard steps from the academic world.

The strategy for achieving these goals is:

Increase the quantity and quality of enthusiasts through direct outreach to government agencies and indirectly through online media and leaflets.

Encourage lecturers to create learning materials based on case studies of coastal resource management.

Conduct field practice in an integrated manner in coastal areas with management problems.

Revision of the curriculum and Semester Learning Plan (RPS) follows the development of science and technology in coastal resource management.

Establish cooperation with agencies and institutions related to the integrated management of coastal resources.

Curriculum PS S2 PSPT 2019

Lecture CodeLecture NameSemesterStatusSKS
  19L07210103Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management1W3
  19L07210202Philosophy of Science and Research Methodology1W2
  19L07210302Ecology of Coastal and Ocean Territories1W2
  19L07210402Advanced Oceanography1W2
 Required Amount   
  19L07210502Scientific Writing and Scientific Ethics1P2
  19L07210603Marine Conservation1P3
  19L07210703System Analysis and Dynamic Modeling of Coastal Resources  1  P  3
  19L07210803Law and Policy for the Management of Coastal and Marine Areas  1  P  2
  19L07210903Social, Economic and Cultural Systems of Coastal Communities  1  P  2
  19L07211003Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (P)  1  P  3
  19L07211103Management of Coastal and Marine Ecotourism1P3
  19L07211203Valuation of Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Services1P3
  19L07211303Control of Pollution of Sea Waters1P3
  19L07211403Coastal Zone disaster mitigation1P3
 Number of Choices   
  19L07211803Research Proposal Seminar2W2
  19L07220204Scientific Article Publishing3W5
  19L07220105Research Results Seminar3W4
  19L07220309Thesis and Thesis Examination3W9

Lecturer Name

Prof. Dr. Amran Saru, ST., M.Si.
Prof. Dr. Akbar Tahir, M.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Andi Iqbal Burhanuddin, ST., M. Fish
Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdul Haris, M.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Ambo Tuwo, DEA
Prof. Dr. Ir. Andi Niartiningsih, MP
Prof. Dr. Ir. Budimawan, DEA
Prof. Dr. Ir. Chair Rani, M.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Joeharnani Tresnati, DEA
Prof. Dr. Ir. Rohani AR, M.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Jamaluddin Jompa, M.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Najamuddin, M.Sc.
Dr. Ahmad Bahar, ST, M.Si
Dr. Ahmad Faisal, ST. M.Si
Dr. Hamzah, S.Pi, M.Sc.
Dr. Inayah Yasir, M.Sc
Dr. Ir. Abd. Rashid JMSi
Dr. Ir. Amir Hamzah Muhiddin, M.Si
Dr. Ir. Arniati, M.Sc
Dr. Ir. Dewi Yanuarita, M.Sc
Dr. Ir. Muhammad Farid Samawi, M.Si
Dr. Ir. Muhammad Hatta, M.Si
Dr. Ir. Muhammad Rijal Idrus, M.Sc
Dr. Ir. Nadiarti, M.Sc
Dr. Ir. Shinta Werorilangi, M.Sc
Dr. Mahatma, ST. M.Sc
Dr. Muhammad Anshar Amran, M.Si
Dr. Muhammad Lukman, ST. M.Sc
Dr. Mukti Zainuddin, S.Pi, M.Sc.
Dr. Nurjannah, ST. Ms


Lectures, seminars and practicums are held at Hasanuddin University


Registration opens February-April and October-November. Online registration procedure via http://regpmb.unhas.ac.id .


Single Education Organization Contribution (SPP) in the amount of Rp. 7.500.000,- per semester.


Can be obtained at the Administrative Section of the UNHAS Postgraduate School, Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan, Campus UNHAS Tamalanrea Makassar 90245


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