Program Studi S2 Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup



Becoming a national leading master study program in the development of environmental managers based on the Indonesian maritime continent in the Wallacea region in 2028.


1) Organizing education with a global perspective and competence in the field of environmental management.

2) Develop science and technology related to environmental management in the Wallacea Region

3) Realizing a healthy, harmonious, and sustainable living environment through community empowerment.

Program Educational Objectives

1)To produce managers who are adaptive to scientific developments in the field of environmental management.

2)Producing research in the environmental field in the Wallacea region for sustainable development.

3)Apply science and technology in the efficient and effective conservation of natural resources for sustainable development.


• Conservation of Natural Resources

• Environmental Technology

• Environmental Management

• Environmental Sociology and Anthropology


CodeCourseCredit Point
Semester 1CompulsoryElective
18P03210102Philosophy of Science2 
18P03210202Theory of Ecology (General & Human)2 
18P03210302Global & National Environmental Politics2 
18P03210503Environmental Management 3
18P03210603Conservation of Natural Resources 3
18P03210703Environmental Technology 3
18P03210803Environmental Sociology and Anthropology 3
18P03210902Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment 2
18P03211002Toxicology and Environmental Pollution 2
18P03211102Remote Sensing and Geography Information System 2
18P03211202Environmental Quality Management 2
18P03211302Environmental Pollution Control 2
18P03211402Environmental Health 2
18P03211502Maritime Anthropology 2
18P03211602Land Use Planning 2
18P03211702Watershed Management 2
18P03211802Environmental Modeling 2
18P03211902Sustainable Development Insights 2
18P03212002Maritime Sociology 2
 Semester 2  
18P03212103Research Methods and Scientific Publications3 
18P03212202Research Proposal Seminar2 
18P03212305International Publication5 
 Semester 3  
18P03212404Research Results Seminar4 

Head of Master Program

Dr. Ir. Muh. Farid Samawi, M.Si


Prof. Dr. Ir. Didi Rukmana, M.Sc
Prof, Dr. Ir. Ambo Tuwo, DEA
Prof. Ir. Ngakan Putu Oka, M.Sc, Ph.D
Prof. Dr. Ir. Darmawan Salman, MS
Prof. Dr. Ir. Hazairin Zubair, MS
Prof. Dr. Ir. Amran Achmad, M.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Sharifuddin B.A. Omar, M.Sc
Prof. Dr. Ir. Baharuddin Nurkin, M.Sc.  
Prof. Dr. Pawenari Hijjang, M.A.  
Prof. Dr. Ir. Kahar Mustari, MS
Prof. Dr. Anwar Daud, M. Kes
Prof. Dr. Ir. Eymal B. Demmallino, M.Si
Prof. Dr. Paulina Taba, M.Sc
Prof. Dr. Sri Suryani, DEA
Prof. Dr. Fahruddin, M.Sc
Prof. Ir. Sumbangan Baja, M.Sc, Ph.D
Prof. Dr. Hamka Naping, MA.
Prof. Ir. Jamaluddin Jompa, M.Sc, Ph.D
Prof. Dr. Nurjanna Nurdin, ST, M.Si
Prof. Jeffry, M.Sc, Ph.D
Prof. Dr. Munsi Lampe. M.A
Dr. Ir. Muh. Farid Samawi, M.Si
Dr. Ir. M. Rijal Idrus, M.Sc
Mahatma, M.Sc, Ph.D
Dr. Samsu Arif, M.Si
Dr. Agus Bintara, S.Kel, M.Kes
Dr. M. Alimuddin Hamzah, M.Eng
Dr. Ir. Usman Arshad, MP 
Andang Suryana, S.Hut. M.Sc. P.hD

Further Information

Can be obtained at the Administration Section of the UNHAS Postgraduate School, Jalan Perintis Independen, UNHAS Tamalanrea Makassar Campus 90245 e-mail :

Leader Postgraduate School

Dean: Prof. Dr. Budu, Ph.D., Sp.M (K)., M.Med.Ed

Vice Dean for Academic & Scientific Publication: Prof. Baharuddin Hamzah, S.T.,M.Arch., Ph.D.

Vice Dean for Financial Planning & Resources: Prof. Dr. Darmawansyah, S.E., M.Sc

Vice Dean for Innovation, Partnership & Alumni: Prof. Dr. Amir Ilyas, S.H., M.H.


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