Head of Environmental Science S3 Study Program :

Hasanuddin University Postgraduate School has fostered and developed 14 (fourteen) study programs, 12 of which are master programs and 2 doctoral programs. In 2022 the Postgraduate School will open 1 (one) more doctoral program, starting with the Environmental Science Doctoral Program and God willing, it will be followed later by the Maritime Study Doctoral Program.

The Environmental Science Doctoral Program will specifically focus its attention on the study of the tropical environment which specifically characterizes the climatic conditions of the Indonesian region.


Become a center for education and study of the tropical environment based on the Indonesian Maritime Continent and contribute to the nation’s competitiveness in 2044


Organizing research-based doctoral education in the field of environment that is competitive nationally and internationally

Carrying out research in the environmental field that focuses on the tropical environment as one of the uniqueness of BMI which contributes to the advancement of science and technology

Devoting science and technology in the field of environment that is beneficial for the benefit of the nation


The Environmental Science Doctoral Program provides two programs:

Lecture-Based Doctoral Program and Research

The Lecture and Research-Based Doctoral Program must take a study load in the form of structured lectures of 9 credits as compulsory courses and another 12 credits in the form of elective courses (according to interests or dissertation studies). The rest are in the form of Proposal Seminars (2 credits), International Publications (5 credits), International Seminars (3 credits), Research Results Seminars (4 credits), and Dissertations (12 credits). Both Compulsory Courses and Elective Courses can generally be completed in the First Semester

Research-Based Doctoral Program

Research-Based Doctoral Programs must take Structured Seminars – Periodic (8 credits) along with Research Proposal Seminars (4 credits), Conferences (4 credits), Research Results Seminars (6 credits), International Publications (8 credits), and Dissertations (12 credits). Both the Lecture and Research-Based Doctoral Program and the Research-Based Doctoral Program, both must complete a study load of between 42 to 48 credits within 5 to 10 semesters (2.5 years to 5 years)


Prospective participants in the doctoral program have a background in masters education from various fields obtained from public and private universities/institutes/universities whose masters exams have met the requirements according to the provisions of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education or graduates from foreign universities whose certificates have been validated and are considered equivalent to a master’s certificate in Indonesia by Kemenristekdikti. For foreign participants, additional provisions apply that the person concerned masters the Indonesian language and obtains permission from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education.


A. Academic Requirements

Graduated Masters (S2) Thesis Track from an accredited university;
Have the ability to speak English and academic abilities in accordance with the provisions of the Unhas Postgraduate School;
Pass the selection to enter the Graduate School;
Not declared a dropout in one of the study programs within the scope of the Unhas Postgraduate School or other Postgraduate PTs;
Graduates of the Unhas Postgraduate School study program who have graduated with honors ( cum laude ) in the last two years can continue their education in the Doctoral Program in Environmental Sciences without an entrance exam;
For prospective students who receive a recommendation from the local Regent/Governor or serve as the Head of Service/Agency/SKPD can be exempt from the Entrance Test.

B. Administrative Requirements

Online registration form
Photocopy of KTP and Family Card
Legalized photocopies of diplomas and transcripts
Photocopy of the accreditation of the original PT study program
Recommendations for academic eligibility from 2 lecturers with at least a doctoral degree
TOEFL and TPA scores (if any and still valid)
Medical certificate
Pas Photo Size 3 x 4 with red background 3 sheets
Hardcopy of Research Plan Proposal (10) Statement of not being registered as a student in one of the study programs at Hasanuddin University


Unhas Lecturer (Expertise and Education)

– Prof. Dr. Abdul Qadir Gassing, S.Li.
– Prof. Dr. Fahruddin, M.Sc.
– Prof. Dr. Hamka, M.A.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Ambo Tuwo, DEA.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Amran Achmad, M.Sc.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Baharudin
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Budimawan, DEA.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Darmawan, M.Sc.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Didi Rukmana, MS.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Eymal Bahsar Demmalino, M.Sc.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. HM Natsir Nessa, MS.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Hazairin Zubair, MS.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Kahar Mustari, MS.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Saleh S. Ali, M.Sc.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Ngakan Putu Oka, M.Sc.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Rahmawaty Andi Nadja. Ms.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Sharifuddin Bin Andy Omar, M.Sc
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Sitti Bulkis, MS.
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Winarni Dien Monoarfa, MS.
– Prof. Dr. Munsi Lampe, M.A.
– Andi Dirpan, STP., M.Sc., Ph.D
– Dr. Ir. Amir, M.Sc.
– Dr. Ir. M. Rijal Idrus, M.Sc.
– Dr. Ir. Muhammad Farid Samawi, M.Sc.
– Dr. Ir. Muhammad Yamin, M.Si
– Dr. Ir. Nancy Lahay, MP.
– Dr. Ir. Nurbaya Busthanul, M.Sc.
– Dr. Lukman Daris, S.Pi., M.Sc.


Registration is done online via https://regpmb.unhas.ac.id/ using the user ID and password listed on the proof of payment.


A single Education Organization Contribution (SPP) of IDR 12,000,000 per semester.


All academic activities are centered at the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University. If possible, they can be placed in various regions in the form of Distance Education (PJJ) in collaboration with universities or the local regional government. Hasanuddin University Postgraduate School PJJ will provide a special schedule intensively ( full time ) every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Complete information can be obtained from the Administrative Section of the UNHAS Postgraduate School, Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan, Campus UNHAS Tamalanrea Makassar 90245 Tel. (0411) 585034 – 585036 Fax. : (0411) 585868. e-mail : info@pasca.unhas.ac.id , website http://portal.pasca.unhas.ac.id/ and https://regpmb.unhas.ac.id/

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