Based on the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education, Republic of Indonesia Number 454/E/T/2011, Hasanuddin University is allowed to hold a Master of Midwifery study program at graduate school level (S2). Graduates of this study program have an academic degree master of midwifery (M.Keb) with quality midwife professional educators.


  1. Producing Graduates of Master of Midwifery (Midwifery) who have competitiveness and ability in education and development of science and technology.
  2. Implementation of master of midwifery program as a Centre of Excellence.
  3. The availability of lecturers’ human resources in accordance with the provisions of the National Education System in 2003 and the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI).


  1. Online registration form;
  2. Photocopy of KTP;
  3. Photocopy of Family Card;
  4. Photocopy of diplomas and transcripts that have been legalized by authorized officials (1 duplicate);
  5. Photocopy of accreditation of study programs and universities of origin (1 duplicate);
  6. License from the authorized supervisor for public servants or employees;
  7. Assessment of academic eligibility (from 2 persons);
  8. TOEFL and TPA scores (if any and still valid);
  9. Certificate of able-bodied;
  10. Photo Fitting Size 3×4 red background 3 sheets;
  11. Hardcopy research plan;
  12. Affidavit is not registered as a student in one of the study programs at Hasanuddin University


To achieve a Master of Midwifery degree, students must attend Compulsory Courses, Elective Courses, Residencies, Seminars and Thesis.


  1. Philosophy of Science (2)
  2. IT, computerized &education information system (1)
  3. Anatomy &Physiology (2)
  4. Nutrition &Metabolism (2)
  5. Family Planning Services (1)
  6. Molecular Biology
  7. Biotech Professionalism Midwives (2)
  8. Medical Epidemiology (1)
  9. General Concept of Disease (2)
  10. Quantitative Research Methods (2)
  11. Qualitative Research Methods (2)


  1. Application of Research Methodology &Statistics (2)
  2. Midwifery Education Management (4)
  3. Pregnancy Physiology childbirth & Nifas (2)
  4. Nifas Childbirth Pregnancy Pathology (2)
  5. Perinatology &Neonatology (2)
  6. Model of Midwifery Care & Documentation (2)
  7. Pregnancy Psychology Childbirth & Nifas (2)
  8. Basic Immunology (2)


  1. EBP Application in Midwife Practice
  2. Reproductive Health
  3. Gender, Menopause & Problems


  1. Residency (4)
  2. Thesis (6)

Teaching Staff

  1. Prof. dr. Budu, Sp.M(K)., PhD., M.Med.Ed.
  2. Prof. dr. Irawan Yusuf, Ph.D.
  3. Prof. dr. Veni Hadju, Ph.D.
  4. Dr. dr. Burhanuddin Bahar, M.Sc.
  5. Prof. Dr. dr. A. Wardihan Sinrang, MS.
  6. Dr. dr. Irwin Aras, M.Med.Ed.
  7. Dr. dr. Saidah Syamsuddin, Sp.KJ.
  8. Dr. dr. Nasrudin A.M., Sp.OG.
  9. Dr. Werna Nontji, S.Kp., M.Kep.
  10. Dr. dr. Ema Alasiry, Sp.A. (K)
  11. Dr. Mardiana Ahmad, S.SiT., M.Keb.
  12. Dr. Muh. Tamar, M.Psi.
  13. Dr. dr. Isharya Sunarno, Sp.OG (K).
  14. Dr. dr. Deviana Soraya, SP. OG (K)., M.Kes.
  15. Dr. dr. Elizabet C.Yusuf, Sp.OG (K)., M.Kes.
  16. Dr. dr. Prihantono, Sp.B.ONK (K)., M.Kes.
  17. Dr. dr. A. Nilawati, S.KM., M.Kes.
  18. Dr. dr. Irfan Idris, M.Kes.
  19. Dr. Agussalim Bukhari, M.Clin., MED., Ph.D., SP. GK (K).
  20. Dr. dr. Martira Maddeppungeng, Sp.A (K)
  21. Dr. Ir. Novaty Eny Dungga, MP.
  22. Dr. dr. Ilham Jaya Patellongi, M.Kes.
  23. Prof. Dr. Ir. Syafruddin Syarif, MT.
  24. Dr. dr. Samrichard Rambulangi, Sp.OG (K)


Lectures, seminars and practicums are conducted in hasanuddin university


Registration is open from February to April and from October to November. Payment of selection exam fee of Rp. 750.000,- through BANK BTN throughout Indonesia online to get user ID and password (stated on the proof of payment). Furthermore, the filling of the form is done online through http://pasca.unhas.ac.id  using user ID and password.


Donation of Education Implementation (SPP) amounting to Rp. 10.000.000,- per semester.


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