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The decline in the quality and quantity of natural resources is one of the reasons for the low productivity of the agricultural sector. To overcome this problem, it is necessary to have a holistic and integrated approach between various sub-sectors in the agricultural sector.

The Agricultural Systems Program of the Unhas Postgraduate Program in addition to emphasizing in-depth studies on each study interest (Agronomy, Processing and Development of Land Resources, Control of Plant Pest Organisms, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries and Agro-industry), also emphasizes the need for broad insight into the interrelationships between between each of these study interests in the PPs Unhas Agricultural Systems Study Program.


Vision:  Becoming a Leading Study Program in the Development of Integrated and Sustainable Maritime-Based Agricultural Systems Science and Technology in Indonesia

Mission:  (1) Organizing postgraduate education in integrated and sustainable agriculture; (2) Carrying out research and community service in integrated and sustainable agriculture. (3) Disseminate and apply science and technology in the field of integrated and sustainable agriculture for the advancement of agricultural development.

Purpose:  (1). Producing graduates/alumni who are knowledgeable in the field of integrated agriculture and are able to develop models of integrated and sustainable agricultural systems. (2) Generate and develop studies on agricultural science and technology to support the development and management of integrated and sustainable agriculture. (3) Producing graduates/alumni who master and are able to disseminate science and technology in the field of integrated and sustainable agriculture in an effort to support the concept of integrated and sustainable agriculture.


NoMK codeCourse Namecredits
Semester I (Odd)
 502Y0103Sustainable Agriculture System (w)3
 572Y0103Research Methodology and Scientific Writing (W)3
  Elective Course 13
  Elective Course 23
  Proposal Seminar (W)2
Number of Semester I credits14
  Elective courses : 
1.504Y0103Systems Approach and Analysis3
 573Y0103Socioeconomic Natural Resources3
 602Y0103Strategy and Planning of Natural Resource Systems3
 620Y0103Industrial Forest Management and Planning3
 621Y0103Industrial Forest Planning3
 623Y0103Plant Environmental Physiology3
 501G312Agricultural Development Policy3
 551G312Agricultural Development Planning3
 601Z023Development Theory and Paradigm3
 604Z023Agricultural & Rural Institutions3
Semester II (Even) = 1  credits
  Elective Course 33
  Elective Course 43
  Results Seminars4
Number of Semester II credits10
  Elective courses : 
 607Y0103Land Resource Information System3
  Integrated Agriculture and Agroforestry3
  Agroecology and Biodiversity3
 624Y0103Agroclimatological method3
 571Y0103Characteristics & Management of Tropical Land3
 608Y0103Eco Friendly Organic Farming3
 613Y0103Advanced Aquaculture3
 617Y0103Animal Nutrition Science3
 502Z023Quantitative Method3
 602Z023Government Contemporary Issues. Agriculture & Rural3
 603Z023Evaluation of Agricultural Development Program3
Semester II I-IV  = 1  credits
  International Publications (W)5
  Thesis and Examination (W)9
Total Semester III-IV credits14


  1. Abd. Latief Toleng, Prof., Dr., Ir., M.Sc
  2. Ahmad Ramadhan Siregar, Prof., Dr., Ir., MSc
  3. Alexander R. Tondok, Prof., Dr., Ir., MS
  4. Andi Nixia Tenriawaru, Dr., Ir., MS
  5. Asmuddin Natsir, Dr., Ir., M.Sc
  6. Bachrul Ibrahim, Dr., Ir., M.Sc
  7. Burhanuddin Rasyid, Dr., Ir., MSc
  8. Darmawan Salman, Prof., Dr., Ir., MS
  9. Dody Darmawan Trijuno, Dr., Ir., MSc
  10. Didi Rukmana, Prof., Dr., Ir., MS
  11. Edison Saade, Dr., Ir., MS
  12. Elkawakib Syam’un, Prof., Dr., Ir., MS
  13. Eymal Bahsar Demmalino, Dr., Ir., M.Si
  14. Haris Bachrun, Dr., Ir., M.Si
  15. Hazairin Zubair, Prof., Dr., Ir., MS
  16. Imam Mujahidin, Ir., M.Si, Ph.D
  17. Ismartoyo, Prof., Dr., Ir., M.Agr.S
  18. Kaimuddin, Prof., Dr., Ir., M.Si
  19. Laode Asrul, Prof., Dr., Ir., MP
  20. Letty Fudjaya, Dr., SP., MS
  21. Mahyuddin, Dr., Ir., M.Si
  22. Muhammad Arsyad, SP., M.Si., Ph.D
  23. Muh, Farid BDR, Dr., Ir., MP
  24. Muh, Hatta Jamil, Dr., Ir., M.Si
  25. Muslim Salam, Prof., Dr., Ir., MSc
  26. Ngakan Putu Oka, Prof., Dr., Ir., MS
  27. Rahim Darma, Prof., Dr., Ir., MS
  28. Rahmadani, Dr., Ir., MS
  29. Sharifuddin Bin A. Omar, Prof., Dr., Ir., M.Sc
  30. Sitti Bulkis, Prof., Dr., Ir., MS
  31. Steel Contribution, Prof., Dr., Ir., M.Phil
  32. Syamsuddin Garantjang, Prof., Dr., Ir., M.Agr.Sc
  33. Syamsuddin Hasan, Prof., Dr., Ir., M.Sc
  34. Syamsuddin Millang, Dr., Ir., MS
  35. Syatrianti A, Syaiful, Dr., Ir., MS
  36. Sylvia Syam, Prof., Dr., Ir., MS
  37. Vien Sartika Dewi, Dr., Ir., M.Si
  38. Yunus Musa, Prof., Dr., Ir., M.Sc

Cost of education

Single Education Organization Contribution (SPP) in the amount of Rp. 7.500.000,- per semester

Further information

Can be obtained at the Administrative Section of the UNHAS Postgraduate Program, Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan, Campus UNHAS Tamalanrea Makassar 90245 Tel. (0411) 585034 – 585036 Fax. : (0411) 585868. e-mail :


Dean : Prof. dr. Budu, Ph.D., Sp.M (K)., M.Med.Ed
Wadek Bid. Academic & Scientific Publication : Prof. Baharuddin Hamzah, ST, M.Arch., Ph.D.
Wadek Bid. Perenc. Finance & Resources : Prof. Dr. Darmawansyah, SE, M. Si
Wadek Bid. Innovation, Partnership & Alumni : Dr. Amir Ilyas, SH, MH


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