The Gender and Development Study Program of the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University is the only Gender Study Program in Eastern Indonesia of the three Gender Study Programs in Indonesia. This Study Program focuses on gender and development studies that will support the creation of Gender Mainstreaming (in Indonesia is Pengarus Utamaan Gender – PUG) in all development sectors in Indonesia, especially in Eastern Indonesia. Established in 1999 and has received students since 2000. Accredited B with Accreditation Decree: 058 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / M / II / 2014


To become a referral study program in the provision of education, research and service to Maritime Continent-based communities to create gender-equitable development in Indonesia in 2030.


  • Organizing education and learning based on maritime-based development theories and gender perspective.
  • Implement and develop research based on gender issues to produce recommendations for gender-equitable development policies.
  • Implement and create partnerships between study program and stakeholders both government and non-government in the form of community service to build gender relations.


The objectives of the Gender and Development Study Program are:

  • Produce graduates with a gender awareness attitude that is consistent with various gender issues in continental maritime-based development.
  • Become a referral master education institution in eastern Indonesia and nationwide in the field of gender studies and development that produce graduates with the following characteristics:
    • Having strong mastery of theories and concepts about family, community, society, social change, feminist theory, gender theory in development to create gender-equitable development.
    • Having the ability to study various social, economic and cultural problems through interdisciplinary studies with a gender-oriented research approach.
    • Having the ability to compile and evaluate gender-equitable development planning.



Candidates for the Masters Program background with an undergraduate education (S1) obtained at the University / State Institute, Private Universities or graduates of foreign universities whose diplomas have been approved and rated as equivalent to the diploma in Indonesia by the Ministry of Education. For foreign participants, the provisions set by the Ministry of National Education applied.


A.  Academic Requirements

1. Bachelor degree (S1) thesis path from an accredited university.

2.   Graduates of all Bachelor (S1)

3.   Have English language skills and academic abilities in accordance with the provisions of the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University

4.   Pass the selection test of the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University.

5.   Never declared dropping out of study in one of the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University Study Programs or other postgraduate universities.

6.   The bachelor graduates of Hasanuddin University with the title of the best graduates in the last two years would be able to continue their education at the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University in the same field of science without an entrance examination.

B.  Administrative requirements

  1. Online registration form
  2. Copy of Identity Card;
  3. A copy of diploma and transcript that have been legalized by an authorized official;
  4. A copy of the accreditation of the origin study program and university;
  5. A permit from the authorized superior for those who have worked;
  6. Recommendations for academic eligibility (2 letters of recommendation)
  7. TOEFL and TPA scores (if available and still valid);
  8. Health certificate, in the past month;
  9. The latest photograph size 3 X 4 cm with a red background (1 sheet);
  10. Hardcopy draft research plan;
  11. Statement letter explains not registered as student in one of the Study Programs at Hasanuddin University;
  12. The registration document uses a red plastic map.


No.Course CodeCoursesCreditsSemester
Compulsory Courses
1.505Y0702Gender Philosophy and Theory3I
2.505Y0703Gender-Based Development Planning and Budgeting3I
3.651Z202Proposal Seminar2I
Compulsory Optional Courses
4.509Y0702Gender and Culture2I
5.506Y0702Gender and Environment2I
Optional Courses :
6.508Y0703Gender-based Public Policy Analysis3I
7.504Y0702Reproduction health2I
8.501Z0202Gender Psychology2I
9.612Y0702Politics and Gender Equality3I
10.610Y0702Gender in the Media Perspective2I
11.614Y0702Gender & Employment2I
Total Credits in Semester I18
1.502Y0703Research Methods and Scientific Publications3II
2.652Z204Thesis Results Seminar4II
Total Credits in Semester II7
1.International Publication5III
2.Thesis and Thesis Examination9III
Total Credits in Semester III14

*Note : Study Period from 3 to 8 Semesters


  1. Prof. Dr. Dwia. A. Pulubuhu, N.K, MA.
  2. Prof. Dr. Nurhayati, SH., MH.
  3. Prof. Dr. Ir. Darmawan Salman, MS.
  4. Prof. Dr. Ir. Sitti Bulkis, MS.
  5. Prof. Dr. St. Haerani, SE, MS.
  6. Prof. Dr. Veni Hadju, M.Sc., Ph.D.
  7. Prof. Dr. Ir. Hazairin Zubair, MS.
  8. Prof. Dr, Hj. Rabina Yunus.M.Si
  9. Prof. Dr.Supriadi Hamdat.MA
  10. Dr. Ir. Novaty Eny Dungga, MP
  11. Dr. Ria Mardiana Guntur, SE., M.Si.
  12. Dr. Mardiana Ethrawaty Fachry. M.Si.
  13. Dr. Nursini, MA.
  14. Dr. Mansyur Radjab, M.Si
  15. Dr. Agussalim, SE., M.Si
  16. Dr. Iqbal, M.Si


Lectures, seminars and practicums are held at the Hasanuddin University.


Registration opened on February-April and October-November. The selection exam fees payment is Rp. 750,000, – and paid via Bank BTN throughout Indonesia to get a user ID and password (printed on proof of payment). Furthermore, form filling is done online through by using the user ID and password.


The tuition fee is Rp. 7.500.000,- per semester.


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