On November 29, 2023, a research discussion was held between the Postgraduate School of Hasanuddin University (Unhas) and PT. Bio Farma through the Zoom platform. The purpose of this discussion was to explore the potential for research collaboration between the two parties and to discuss mechanisms for cooperation with Bio Farma.

The research discussion was highly successful and generated numerous brilliant ideas. Participants from Unhas and the Bio Farma team shared knowledge and experiences, aiming to drive local research with global impact. Collaboration on research with Bio Farma was also an engaging topic, exploring opportunities and potential cooperative ventures.

During the discussion, both parties also discussed an upcoming national seminar. The seminar themed ‘Research Locally, Impact Globally’ will serve as a platform to present the latest research findings by academics, students, and researchers from Unhas and Bio Farma. The seminar is envisioned as a space for knowledge-sharing, discussions, and networking with relevant stakeholders in the research industry.

Additionally, the discussion delved into potential research collaborations with Bio Farma and the mechanisms for cooperation. By fostering strong collaboration, the aim is to create synergy between the Postgraduate School of Hasanuddin University and Bio Farma in generating research with global impacts.

Through this research discussion, the Postgraduate School of Hasanuddin University and PT. Bio Farma have successfully established a good relationship, mutually appreciating the research efforts. Both are committed to maintaining this collaboration and executing the planned national seminar. Opportunities like these are invaluable in propelling local research with global implications, ultimately strengthening Indonesia’s position in the international research community.

Let’s anticipate the interesting and inspiring research outcomes to be presented at the upcoming national seminar. We extend our gratitude for the cooperation and participation of all parties in advancing science and technology in Indonesia.


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